Exclusive Card Preview: Eye of Oblivion

October 2, 2013 in Articles, Deckbuilding, Drafting, PvE, PvP, Sapphire, Source by Dusty Hostutler

Welcome back readers!   Alpha is just a few weeks away.  It’s preview season.  My Steelers and Mountaineers are a combined 3-6…what else could I want from life? (Editors note:  Well, the Pirates did just win the Wild Card game.  Go Bucs!)


And again, the equipment:


If you are like me, when you read a preview article you immediately jump to the middle of the article to see the actual card.  I’ve saved you the trouble of scrolling.  If you came just for the card, thanks for reading!  For those of you who want an opinion on the card keep reading below…

Briefly, before I get into the card I want to thank CZE for their continued support of our site and the game.  My only complaint with CZE was putting a date on Alpha.  I know Cory wants to please fans, but in my opinion having a firm date can do nothing but make fans upset.  If you say end of September and miss, people are going to be upset.  On the other hand, if CZE had said 4Q 2013 and released the game October 8th they are saviors.  As frustrating as it can be with games, Blizzard really does release dates right.

Eye of Oblivion. A two cost, 1/1 flying troop with an ability.  The first thing that stands out to me is the troop type, Voidtouched.  To my knowledge, we haven’t seen another troop of this type.   Let’s take a look at what this card does in the three different formats – limited, constructed, and PVE.

I started with limited for a reason.  I think this card is going to be an absolute powerhouse in both sealed and draft.  Since we haven’t talked about the ability yet, let’s do that.  Instead of dealing damage to a champion he mills them for that amount of cards.  Then, once the opponent has ten or more cards in graveyard he is upgraded with +4/+4.  A 1/1 flier for two is ALMOST playable in its own…with no abilities.  The question is, how hard is it to get ten cards into your opponent’s graveyard?  The answer is not that hard.  Between your opponent filling up his own graveyard through gameplay effects and Eye of Oblivion pinging away, I imagine this guy coming online sometime between turn 5-7 unhindered.

The other key to remember with this card is there is a very real possibility you can deck your opponent in certain decks with Eye.  Any card that adds to attack, such as Wild Growth, combos very nicely with Eye.  Also keep an eye (of Oblivion) out for artifacts which increase attack such as Command Tower.

Finally, I think this card will be slightly better in draft than sealed deck.  In draft, you have the ability to really build a deck around this ability to maximize the chances you can either mill your opponent or turn him into a 5/5 flying monster.

Constructed is an entirely different animal than limited.  In constructed you have the ability to really build a deck that focuses on a certain interaction or card ability.  While we haven’t seen the whole set yet, we know one card that will go really well with Eye – Chronic Madness.  Chronic Madness decks are going to need other ways to mill the opponent and Eye is perfect.

Chronic Madness will help fill up the graveyard to make sure Eye of Oblivion is a 5/5 flier ASAP.  Eye of Oblivion then returns the favor and helps Chronic Madness reduce the opponents deck to zero cards ASAP.

Even if you aren’t running a dedicated mill deck, a two cost troop that has the potential to be a 5/5 flier is nothing to forget about.  If you don’t believe me, once Alpha is here watch your opponent’s graveyard and see what turn it is when they first have ten cards in their graveyard.  I think that you’ll be pretty surprised by the result and even more so if you’re actually trying.

Finally, the card’s equipment options.  Let’s first look at Edge of Madness.  This type of ability reminds me of a continual reward system.  When the opponent has less than ten cards in graveyard, Eye is a 1/1 flier.  When the opponent has between ten and twenty-nine, Eye is a 5/5.  Lastly, when the opponent has thirty or more cards it is a 9/9 flier!  All of these pair abilities pair together nicely to get you to that next level of power.

Then there is Asylum’s Tears, the value everywhere ability.  Did your opponent kill off your Eye?  No worries, you can’t stop him!  What we don’t know yet is how big opponent’s raid decks will be.  If they follow the standard sixty card decks, then this card will be a powerhouse in PVE as well.  I imagine decks will vary in size depending on the amount of players and raid chosen, but we will have to wait and see!

So there you have it, Eye of Oblivion.  While I think this troop will see play in all formats at some point or another I am really impressed with it for limited play.  I feel like I’m going to be picking this guy very highly in draft (unfortunately it is an uncommon) and looking for synergies in sealed play.

What do you all think?  Will this card make the cut in limited, constructed, or PVE?  What combos or synergies did I miss?  Comment below!  Thanks for reading.