Exclusive Card Preview: Gearsmith

October 1, 2013 in Articles, Artifact, Deckbuilding, PvE, PvP, Sapphire, Source by John Tatta

Good afternoon (at least for us), readers!  Today we have a special treat for you.  We were fortunate enough to be gifted two preview cards from Cryptozoic and along with Dusty Hostutler we’re bringing them to you right now!  Dusty will be covering the ominous Eye of Oblivion tomorrow and I’ll be bring you my favorite of the two, Gearsmith, right now!  Now, I’ll insert the image below before I start talking about the card because we all know that’s what you clicked the link for anyway.  Here he is in all his glory.



And of course the equipment for him if you’re in to the PvE side of things.


I can’t put into words how excited I am about this card.  One of the things that I was talking about with the team when Volcannon was previewed was how it really just wanted a way to be searched out to take the next step.  While we didn’t get a strict “search for Volcannon” card, we did get something that will certainly go a long way to finding it quicker and making it cost less resources at the same time!  Let’s start getting into a few scenarios before we start running some numbers to see an ideal starting point.

Let’s imagine we’re playing a Volcannon deck.  Of course we’ll be playing with four copies of our Gearsmith and we’ll certainly be playing a full set of Technical Genius.  If we hit a Volcannon with the Smith and follow it up with a Genius, we’re looking a three cost Volcannon that’s able to come down on turn three and getting an activation out of it!  You might be thinking “that’s the dream situation,” but is it really?  As long as we can hit our Gearsmith turn 1, anything is possible.

PterobotSo, what else works well with this guy?  Another card that jumps out at me is Pterobot.  A 3/4 Flight Troop for “seven” resources might be a little underwhelming but let’s think for a moment about the implications Gearsmith has on our flying dinobot.  Hitting it off the Smith already makes it a base cost of six.  Let’s subtract one more for him being a Dwarf.  If we can hit our Genius on turn two again, that’s yet another cost -2 (one for Dwarf, one for card ability).  Again, that gives us an absurd turn three play that will really put us ahead on board at an alarming rate, seemingly out of nowhere.  This isn’t even factoring in the Champion charge power of Bertram Cragraven which can make the Bot cost as little as two resources by just playing two cards from our deck.  I can’t even stress how powerful this is and can set up some very explosive draws and turns that can severely impact the game.  I think that this card can be useful not only in casual play but I also see him as a staple in tournament Dwarf decks for years to come.

A question that comes up now is how many Artifacts do we actually need to play to maximize his effect?  Well, lucky for us, there’s already math out there that exists for a situation just like this.  The equation we can use for this is pretty simple:  (1-X/60)^3.  Given that math, we can come up with the following numbers, rounded a bit for simplicity sake but still accurate.  The chances of hitting a non-specific Artifact off of a Gearsmith is as follows:

10 Artifacts – 42%
15 Artifacts – 58%
20 Artifacts – 70%
25 Artifacts – 80%
30 Artifacts – 87%

Like I said, these are rounded but still accurate numbers (triple checked!).  As you can see, the “sweet spot” for number of Artifacts that we need to play is somewhere between 20 and 25.  We’d like to play more than that if at all possible but that’s certainly the minimum.  Let’s assume that we’d be playing ~24 resources, that leave us 12-16 non-Artifact, non-Resource cards that play with and four of those cards will need to be Gearsmith.  That leaves us with 8-12 non-Gearsmith cards.  Here’s something that I would do with my allotment:

4 Gearsmith
4 Technical Genius
2 Research Librarian
1 Eurig the Robomancer
3 Oracle Song

Wanted to try the one copy of Robomancer to see if he’s good in a deck like this.  The ability to create a Warbot each turn seems pretty sweet but we can’t accelerate him out with either Gearsmith or Technical Genius so perhaps a third Librarian would be better.  Or even just another Artifact.  The above gives us 38 resources and Sapphire cards which allows us to play with 22 Artifacts.  A fine number and between a 70-80% chance to hit with our Gearsmith.

There are many uses for this card and I only address a few of my favorite ones.  I can’t wait to see what others have in store for him and can’t wait to include him in many decks starting off in Alpha.  He gives the Dwarf decks a much needed weapon in order to find their Pterobots and Volcannons.  He also allows us to play more 1-of Artifacts with a higher chance to actually see them in a given game.

On the PvE side, Mechanic’s Boots gives us an even higher chance to find the cards that we’re looking for and the Handy Ring let’s us put all those goodies into our hand instead of only one.  Could this also be a staple in PvE Dwarf decks?  I’m inclined to believe exactly that at this time.  It’s hard to really judge this card on a PvE scale until we cab see more PvE only cards but it has a good leg up from the start.

What are your guys’ thoughts?  How much do you like or dislike this card?  Let us know!  Be sure to also check out Dusty’s Hostutler preview article for Eye of Oblivion, a different approach for Sapphire decks tomorrow!