Mythical Teachings – Arachnophobia

December 18, 2013 in Articles, Deckbuilding, PvP by Mythicfishmom

On Sunday night they had the servers up and running for a bit, with this glimmer of hope to run an 8-man I decided to go with a sort of new take on an old favorite. Unfortunately, right after I was told it was working, I got through about four or five round one games so I guess that counts as doing a tournament right? Well anyway this is what I’ve been toying with this week:

ExtinctionChampion – Gozzog

2 Uruunaz
1 Rot Caster
4 Xentoth’s Inquisitor (Ruby Gem of Destruction)
4 Giant Corpse Fly

4 Oracle Song
3 Persecute
3 Extinction
4 Life Siphon
4 Relentless Corruption
3 Countermagic
1 Murder
1 Misfortune

2 Hex Engine

4 Shards of Fate
10 Blood Shard
8 Sapphire Shard
2 Ruby Shard

1 Countermagic
1 Polymorph: Dingler
1 Mimic
2 Sorrow
2 Carrion Blob
1 Eternal Guardian
1 Chaos Key
2 Corrupt Harvester
1 Storm Colossus
4 The Ancestor’s Chosen

[Editor’s Note:  16-card Reserves are pro.  Not sure what the actual 15 is.  Ask Tim :)]

The inspiration for this deck came from playing my Dances With Ponies (Wild-Diamond Aggro) deck while testing for the Tournament of Streamers II. Someone was playing the Blood-Ruby control deck that kills everything. The card that stood out to me the most was the Xentoth’s Inquisitor with the Ruby gem of destruction because of how often it was an eight-for-one. The best counter Wild players have to Extinction is Crash of Beasts, and now we have the Inquisitor to counter their crash. Coming down and killing a Rhinoceros, blocking the second one, and then being able to replay the spider to kill another troop. Another thing I like about this deck is the ability to tear apart your opponent’s deck with Relentless Corruption, Giant Corpse Fly, and Misfortune. Obviously  I’d want to play Curse of Oblivion if it wasn’t bugged but since it is currently not working correctly I decided to cut it. With this deck I’ve never felt out of control of any games I’ve played thus far. When I look at my hand the first thought that runs through my mind is “This dude is screwed.” It really is an amazing feeling. I originally had the Chosen’s in the main deck and two Life Siphon in the reserve, however I don’t feel like ancestor ever really did enough for the deck. There were so many times where I thought “I really want a Life Siphon here and I win” but instead I draw an Ancestral Specter or a Chosen. Since I never really liked them I put them into the reserve for the control matchups. This could be a mistake but again most of the games I played the card was just not very good for me. One thing to keep in mind with this deck is that it doesn’t win fast … ever. They could mulligan to two and it can still be a thirty minute game. With this deck I’ve been down to about four minutes left every round, so keep in mind this deck has to potential to go to time every round.

Sorry for the short article this week but I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on what I think is a very strong deck and something you should try playing around with. Thanks to Hex TCG Pro for allowing me to share with you and thank you for being awesome!

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